Abstract: The pre-drying technology is expected to play an important role in the next generation of brown coal power plants. The integration of the fluidised bed drying system with internal heat utilization (WTA technology) is estimated to bring an efficiency increase of up to 6 percentage points in future brown coal power plants compared to […]

Abstract: The application of lignite pre-drying technologies in next generation of lignite power plants by utilizing low pressure steam as a drying medium instead of hot recirculated flue gas – combined with thermal utilization of the vaporized coal moisture – is expected to bring efficiency increase of 2-4 percentage points in future lignite power plants […]

Torrefaction is considered as a kind of mild pyrolysis that is carried out in inert atmosphere (usually nitrogen). During this process, the moisture of the initial fuel and part of volatiles are removed from the biomass particles into the inert atmosphere resulting in advanced biomass properties as high energy density, hydrophobicity and durability. The most […]