The company

Clean Energy Ltd. was founded in 2010 by researchers of CERTH / Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) , in order to support the Institute on the further development, promotion and commercialisation of innovative technology concepts in the thermal utilization of biofuels. The particular technologies have been developed by CERTH/CPERI in the framework of national and European funded projects in the last twenty years.

The company also cooperates with other companies and institutes worldwide towards the further development and promotion of innovative technologies, which are in the first commercialization stage and have a considerable potential to become highly competitive in the future.

Clean Energy Ltd provides also a wide portfolio of services to potential investors in the field of biomass and waste recovered fuels utilization for power and heat production.

Our vision is to become a leading developer and provider of new and highly competitive technologies for the utilization of biomass fuels and provide our expertise for the efficient deployment of Renewable Energy Sources for the benefit of our customers.