• Category: Environmental flows, Environmental impact assessment
  • Client: METKA
  • Country: Greece
  • Location: Athens
  • Timeframe: 01/05/2012 – 15/06/2012
  • Description: Development and application of a computational fluid dynamics CFD model for the prediction of how water discharge pipe and sea water intake for a Power Plant. Evaluation of the results for the selection of the most preferable scenario of operation.

Performances of Clean Energy:

  • Development and parametric study of the hot water discharge in the sea basin with 1-D models;
  • Construction and grid discretization of the geometry of the hot water discharge and sea water intake pipes;
  • Development of the 3D numerical model describing the dispersion of heat in the sea basin;
  • Parametric study of various existing environmental conditions and geometrical configurations on the spatial (steady simulations) and temporal (unsteady simulations) dispersion of heat.