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CFD Simulations


Clean Energy’s specialists have a considerable experience in the simulation of industrial boilers and plant components.

More specific based on the research work of CERTH/CPERI, Clean Energy can simulate efficiently and accurately:

  • Pulverized fuel boilers
  • Fluidised bed boilers
  • Grate fired boilers
  • Other types of combustion furnaces
  • Heat exchanger

We are always willing to help you in any of your problems and save you considerable time and efforts by efficient and accurate CFD simulations.

Custom built functions for combustion, particle aerodynamics, emissions, slagging and fouling have been developed by CERTH/CPERI and can be used in several industrial application, such as:

  • Boiler modifications, refurbishments towards increase of efficiency/ decrease of emissions
  • Design and optimisation of new boilers
  • Investigation of alternative fuels (biomass, refuse derived fuels) to be co-fired in existing boilers
  • Design and optimisation of other power plant components (heat exchangers, ducts)