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Process Calculation


Clean Energy’s engineering team has considerable experience in thermal cycle calculations as well for industrial applications as for R&D purposes. 

Among others following tasks can be undertaken in all kinds of thermal installations

  • Mass balance and prediction of basic thermodynamic characteristics of each stream of the system (composition, flow rate, temperature, etc).
  • Energy balace and calculation of power consumption or/and gross and net electricity production
  • Exergy analysis
  • Calculations for balance of plant (pumps, fans, air pre-heater), Heat exchanger design and optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis and optimization of the operation for the maximum efficiency
  • Equipment cost and feasibility analysis

Specific services for thermal plants:

  • Determination of efficiency rate of power plant components

Experience in process calculations of thermal and chemical plants

    • Systems for the production compounds as hydrogen, substitute natural gas, biofuels, alcohols, with rigorous modeling of each part that consist it (syngas production through gasification or reforming, acid gas removal (H2S, CO2) and other undesired compounds)
    • Biomass upgrade and preparation using processes like pre-drying, torrefaction and pyrolysis.
    • Development, modeling and preliminary design of advanced energy system with each and every fuel type (fossil fuel, biomass, wastes, sewage sludge etc) capable for minimization of GHG emissions
    • Systems coupled with Carbon Capture and Storage units