E. Karampinis, N. Nikolopoulos, A. Nikolopoulos, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras, “Numerical investigation Greek lignite/cardoon co-firing in a tangentially fired furnace” Applied Energy 97 (2012), 514-524

Abstract: The present study presents a three-dimensional numerical model for co-firing lignite and biomass in large-scale utility boilers. The model takes into account the non-spherical form of the biomass particle, which influences the drag coefficient and its devolatilization and combustion mechanisms. Simulations under different co-firing rations and biomass particle sizes are performed for a 300 MWe […]

The people I meet who service our turbines are special: They’re proud of what they do, and they take their jobs very seriously. It’s not an easy environment to work in. When you’ve experienced standing on the top of an 80m high turbine, swaying in the wind like a ship at sea, you really respect what they do. It takes a cool head and a lot of courage.